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The Journey From Knee Pain To No Pain!

When I first met Mrs. Gadpaile, she was in great trouble and was able to walk with great difficulty and lot of pain. Both her knees were arthritic, where in this condition; the cartilage in the knee joint gradually wears away.

This causes swelling and tenderness around the affected area and makes standing or walking an excruciating task. She has been suffering from this debilitating condition from the year 2014. The pain had left her immobile and dependent on her family to support her for the daily activities.

This condition was not just affecting her physically but also emotionally. Her quality of life was getting worse with every passing day. She was unable to enjoy smaller joys of life like playing with her granddaughter.

After a thorough clinical examination and a simple X-ray scan of knees, her diagnosis was crystal clear. It was evident that she was suffering from severe Arthritis of both knees. But, fortunately the disease was limited to only medial half portion of knees.

Usually, in patients suffering from Arthritis of such severity, the option of Total Knee Replacement is the usual option. But, after careful examination and study of her knee x rays, it was clear that rest of her knees could be preserved.

It was concluded that the best treatment option for Mrs. Gadpaile would be the Bilateral Oxford partial knee Replacement. This procedure is excellent for those with osteoarthritis as it retains good portions of the knee and only replaces the damaged cartilage or bone.

It also preserves all the important Ligaments of the knee which gives feeling of an almost normal knee. This is the reason for it’s high success rate with other advantages like faster post-surgery recovery. The patient requires minimum physiotherapy assistance after the surgery as it’s a lesser surgery, causes minimal pain and the patient is discharged within three days after surgery.

In Mrs. Gadpaile’s case too, she was able to stand and walk without support on third day post her surgery. This was an exhilarating experience for our team, herself and her loved ones. She was moving freely without any pain or discomfort within a week.

Her happiness was evident on her face and it was so gratifying for all of us. She was finally able to achieve all her dreams, like going to adventure camps, travel to meet family and friends and return to her daily activities, regain control over her life as a result of this procedure; all without any pain or discomfort.

She now finally feels free and independent to enjoy the simple pleasures life has to offer. Nothing is more joyous than to see your patient leading a life they had always wanted to without any physical constraints.


Mr Nikhil Gadpaile

Mr. Nikhil Gadpaile

A heartfelt testimonial from Mrs. Gadpaile’s son Nikhil:

My mother has been suffering from chronic pain in both her knees since year 2014. The pain was so severe that she was unable to walk properly without support. Thanks to Dr. Amol Kadu, my mother’s life has turned around by 360 degrees. She is able to walk without any pain and we owe all this to him. Dr. Amol is extremely professional and sensitive to his patient’s needs and has immense skill and talent to help his patients in need. My mother was able to walk by herself three days after the operation, all due to his and the teams’ efforts. It was his unshakeable belief that my mother would walk out fine that kept us motivated. We would once again truly like to thank him and are grateful for life to him for all he has done for my mother.