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Joint Care Centre in Nagpur

Give your joints the best care with Aktiv joint care centre in Nagpur. Well, you must be wondering, what kind of care your body joints would need? That’s very interesting, let’s discuss it further.

All about caring for your joints:

Your joints play a major role in whatever you do. Joints are the one that connects your whole body into one. It is a point where two bones connect to move your body parts or to function. This is why; it does need an utmost care to keep your whole body fit, healthy and in function.

So the question comes, how to take a good care of your joints?

Before this, let’s understand how many joints are there in your body that needs your attention.

There are basically, three types of joints in your body; immovable, slightly movable and freely movable.

Immovable joints are fixed or fibrous joints. They connect two bones in close contact and they have no movements. For example you’re skull bones.

Slightly movable joints are cartilages joints. These connect two or more bones tightly together to have limited movements. For example you’re vertebrate of the spine.

Freely movable joints also know as synovial joints. These joints have synovial fluid that enables all parts of the joint to move smoothly against each other without friction. It just acts like a lubricant in the car engine that prevents friction among the parts and the car runs smoothly. These are the most prevalent joints in your body. Example like shoulder, elbow, finger joints, wrist, hip, knee and ankle joints.

These joints let us move and perform any activity. So, it is very important to take proper care of it.

The natural way for joint care involves performing exercises or eating food or taking medicines that can lead to healthy joints.

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How can you take care of your joints?

For a healthy stable joint, here are a few things that you must follow:

  1. Maintain a healthy body weight. Being overweight can cause extra strain on your weight-bearing joints, such as your knees, ankles, hips, and back.
  2. Stay active and keep moving. It helps reduce the stiffness of the joints.
  3. Stay strong
  4. Use of the correct posture is very crucial to relieve your joints from any kind of stress.
  5. Try to maintain a proper diet that will keep you healthy and your joints stable.

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What should you do to keep your joints healthy naturally?

For a normal healthy joint, you need to follow some tips. The most important being a change of diet. You should start including food rich in omega3 fatty acids, like a lot of oily fish, green tea, turmeric, onions and garlic etc. in order to keeps your joints healthy.

These are the natural ways to take care of your joints. If you still have any joint problem, you can visit us at Aktiv joint care centre in Nagpur, where we have highly trained physiotherapists who can help you with their regular exercising regime.

Physiotherapy is known to be one of the best cures for joint stiffness or joint pains. We, at Aktiv joint care centre in Nagpur have on board with us highly skilled physiotherapists to give you relief from your joint pain as well as train you to take care of joints yourself properly.

Once you walk into our hospital OPD, our surgeon will thoroughly examine you and suggest the treatment necessary for you. If it is a joint care that you need, our in-house Physiotherapists are there to help you with that.

So, what are you waiting for? If you have any joint pain or any other joint & bone related health issues, book an appointment with us at Aktiv Joint care centre in Nagpur. We are ready to cater to your needs and we assure you the best joint care at our hospital. We are there to take care of any ailment and send you back home perfectly fine.